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ZHAO Yunhan was born in 1992 in Jiangsu, China. He studied International Shipping Management at Shanghai Maritime University as an undergraduate and switched his major to Finance in graduate school and earned a Master of Science in Finance degree from William E. Simon School of Business, University of Rochester. After graduation, he worked in New York for years and is currently working as an investment banker in Hong Kong. 

Yunhan is an introspectionist who kept photographing as a habit for over a decade to better know and understand himself. Starting from a personal perspective, he accosts and interacts with the surroundings through camera in the course of shooting. The images thrown back by the surroundings after the interaction help him study himself later on. Camera is a tool for him to eliminate the subjectivity during self-analysis, which is where the cognitive errors usually come from since most people tend to have transcendental bias before starting analyzing themselves. Photography is the most objective art medium among all. The objects being shot respond back at the shooter with perspectives of their own—the objective nature of the objects—through the pure recording of the surroundings even though the shootings are initiated subjectively. To further eliminate the subjectivity, he simply puts the photos aside for a considerably long time, long enough to make him feel strange and even forget about the photos he took himself. At the time he thinks the subjectivity has been fully eliminated, he systematically retrospects the photos of a period and analyzes what factors from that time made him the person at this moment and how. The whole process is like tossing a pebble into a pond full of algae. After the pebble drives away the algae and the ripples die down after a period of waiting, one can see clearly what he/she is really like through the tranquil water. Yunhan’s photography starts from the private individual, interacts with the outside world, and eventually goes back to the private individual. 




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