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These photos were taken between August and December in 2015 during my visits to New York City. I took shots at scenes I came across and people I bumped into. For those whom I targeted at, I played as a pure passer-by, just as every person you pass by on the street, bringing no interaction or communication. Interaction interferes objectivity. Even an extra look would change the aura of a person. I have no intention to intrude into others' life, nor to have them intrude into mine. As strangers, we mostly saw each other at a glance and forgot each other in next second. The only difference is that I retained objective evidence of our meeting once, which allows me to reinvestigate a year or several years later. These pieces of evidence, without any decoration, constitute my own Big Apple. However, while objectivity is well maintained, it's still a subjective New York City, with all the evidence reflecting me. As a passer-by, time and range of activity always create limitation. My works record my footprints in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. It's partial to the whole city, but is intact to restore my status at the time. 

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